The Board

Wild Hogs Deeds’ 4 Kids is comprised of a board of seven directors. Each brings a unique perspective to the organization but all share common goals and passions – to have some fun, raise some money and ensure that every dollar finds the best possible way to assist a child in need. Board members meet regularly to review cases and to deliver reports and recommendations about kids and their families who have been personally visited. We recognize that we have been entrusted with your charitable dollars and every board member takes their role in distributing the charitable proceeds very seriously.


The board is assisted by many dedicated volunteers, without their incredible help, we simply could not stage our annual fund raiser. From staffing the front reception table to decorating the hall to designing, prepping and serving the fantastic food fare we’ve become known for, their commitment and dedication to the event allows Wild Hogs Deeds’ 4 Kids to support the kids in need.