We Are Deeds 4 Kids

Some of the original ‘Guys’ from Deeds & Dreams thought it might be fun to revamp and ‘kick-start’ a new charity to continue the much needed work of helping families with seriously, and sadly, terminally ill children who either can’t access or have exhausted the traditional channels of help offered by various agencies. This, in many ways, continues the wonderful legacy created by Deeds & Dreams and it’s in that spirit that Wild Hogs’ Deeds 4 Kids was launched.

Why ‘kick-start’? Well, most of the new ‘Guys’ are two wheeled weekend warriors, hence Hogs! Of course, it’s doubtful whether any of them could start their bikes without the electric start, but at least their hearts (not hamstrings) are on the right road. That road always leads us to kids and their families who are struggling to just survive through daily challenges, let alone having the luxury of planning for tomorrow. That’s where the Hogs, with your support, pull into town. We have well established relationships with area charities and hospitals that focus on kids. Our mandate is to provide a little help where, after visiting each and every family, we determine what is most needed. As always, our commitment to you is to channel as much of your donation directly to the families as possible, avoiding the expensive overhead and administration costs associated with larger organizations. The Hogs hope you’re ready to join the ride and help us deliver just a little bit of help to the kids and their families when they have run to the end of their road and have nowhere else to turn. We can make a difference, but only with your understanding and support.